Annapurna range before sunrise (b/w)
Annapurna Range before Sunrise, Nepal, 03/2014

LuminousArts Photography: Landscapes, dance, concerts, ...

I use this site to present my photos. In my photography the emphasis fluctuates, but in general it lies on landscape photography and street photography. In addition to these topics I regularly shoot at concerts and dance performances.

For me photography is 'just' a passion, not my profession. So the time I can spend to update this site is limited. However, I try to answer all inquiries on short notice. Sometimes it might happen, that my Facebook-page is more up to date, but as I am not really fond of Facebook's terms of use, I will use it only for pictures with reduced resolution. Updates of the LuminousArts page are listed here on the start page.

So far not all parts of the original page are available in English. Depending on the demand I might change this or not.

This site is not optimized for mobile devices yet. Sorry for the fiddly handling. I will correct this, as soon as I find the time.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

Currently I must admit, that I do not find the time, to keep this site up to date. There are photos of an Iceland-trip and of a short but photographically intense trip to the Lofoten islands in the publishing pipeline. I try to catch up soon :)