Annapurna range before sunrise (b/w)
Annapurna Range before Sunrise, Nepal, 03/2014

Infos on the galleries of LuminousArts Photography

Handling the galleries

Each gallery consists of a short description and the picture area. When the mouse pointer hovers over a picture the name appears (MG........_....), this is relevant if you have any questions or requests concerning this picture. On the top right side an icon appears that toggles between normal view and fullscreen view. To get to the next or previous picture you can either click on the arrow buttons left and right of the picture or use the cursor keys on your keyboard.

Using my pictures

It is obvious, but I mention it nevertheless: All my pictures are protected by copyright laws.

If you are interested in using my pictures, please contact me. If you just want to use it as your private desktop picture, I will hardly have a lot of objections. When you have something else in mind, let's talk about it (see "Buying pictures").

Buying pictures

I feel honoured if you want to buy pictures from me. In this case just send a (nonbinding) request to info[at]luminousarts.de. It is possible to get pictures as files, prints on paper, canvas or a number of other media. So far there is no price list. The prices depend on which picture, which size and which intended use. Selling pictures in direct contact to the customer enables me to advise you on whether the picture is suitable for a certain print size: While strongly cropped pictures might only be good for online use or small prints there are some stitched panoramas with 70 megapixels or more that might be suitable for covering whole walls. In your email please cite the name of the picture (MG........_....), the desired product (file, print, ...), the required size and the intended use (private, commercial, ...).

Special rules apply for pictures of persons, e.g. at dance events. In these cases I usually give the pictures only to the organizer and to participants of the event (these persons also get special discount prices). If you are not one of these persons but are interested in any such picture nevertheless, you can still contact me and I will try to get in contact to the depicted person(s) and ask for their release.