Annapurna range before sunrise (b/w)
Annapurna Range before Sunrise, Nepal, 03/2014

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about LuminousArts Photography

The LuminousArts Photography site exists primarily in order to present some of my photos. As such it is rather a personal than a commercial site. Still, I would not mind some reimbursement by selling a few pictures - be it as print, on canvas, as a file, ...

The name "LuminousArts" was created years ago, influenced on the one hand by Harry Potter's "Defense against the Dark Arts" and on the other hand by Michael Reichmann's site "The Luminous Landscape" (that has recently become subscription based). By now, a plethora of sites has emerged with different notation. I have no connection to them and hope to come out on top of the search engine results ;).

I began with photography when I was about 14 years old. At that age I got my father's old Fujica equipment as a present for confirmation. It was a great camera: Manual focus, an exposure meter that consisted of a little needle in the viewfinder and a lever to drive the film. When the metering failed a few years later, I changed into the Nikon camp, had autofocus and half a handful of programs. I resisted the world of digital photography quite long until I finally gave in to a tiny Kyocera camera. Nice for snapshots, but in a whole this was a bad time for my photography (to lazy to splash around with the darkroom chemicals for the good analog pictures but the digital pictures were no match yet. Fortunately this changed when Nikon ended my suffering by releasing the D70 - the first affordable DSLR that convinced me, it was time for total digitalization. I swapped weekends in the darkroom with night-hours at the computer quite willingly. Some years later I moved up to the D200 and when this was stolen (partially due to my own stupidity) to the D300. I was really happy with all of these three cameras, but after returning from trekking tour in Nepal I asked myself whether it is really necessary, to haul 4 kg of photo equipment through the Himalayas. After so research the answer was "no" and I bought myself a Panasonic GX7. After a short period of testing I sold all my Nikon gear as it was not an option for me to keep to complete different systems. I will probably discuss the pros and cons of this move in an article soon (sorry, articles will only be available in German).

The only thing left to mention is that LuminousArts is a one man show. Everything on this site from webdesign to text and pictures originated in my brain and fingers, so manpower to maintain this site is limited. Okay, this should do for a first introduction. How shall I know what you are interested in? Just ask ;)